Oh, Canada!

June 2006 Mishicot Videos


Class Symbol


Hacker 19th Hole


Hacker Par 3


Jeff 19th Hole


Jeff Drive


Jeff Putt


Nascar Golf


Quammer 19th Hole


Quammer Drive


Quammer Par 3


RV 19th Hole


RV Drive Fist Pump


RV Putt


Skoien 19th Hole


Skoien Chip


Skoien Drive Grunt


Skoien Putt


SP 19th Hole Winner


SP Chip


SP Jeff Disturbing the Peace


SP Putt


Teamwork 1


Teamwork 2


Teamwork 3


TJ 19th Hole


TJ Drive


TJ Par 3 Pose


Wee Drive Grunt


Wee Drive Pose


Wee Par3 Pose

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