Oh, Canada!

June 2008 Appleton Videos


Todd Autumn Ridge 11th tee


Todd Autumn Ridge 3rd tee


Todd Autumn Ridge 7th tee


Todd Autumn Ridge 8th green chip


Todd birdie follow-up


Todd birdie follow-up 2


Todd from rough


Todd misses by that much


Todd Moose Knuckle Rookie


Todd Royal St. Patrick 19th hole


Wee Autumn Ridge 11th tee "Made ya look"


Wee beach


Wee Brown County 1st tee


Wee deep


Wee Doubler


Wee ground level


Wee hang on!


Wee putt


Wii RV & Wee Bowling


Wii RV Bowling


Wii Todd


Wii Wee


Wii Wee Brooklyn Strike

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